Easton Press

Easton Press is a world-leader in the design and development of fine leather-bound books.

For over three decades, They have been serving the needs of collectors to acquire luxurious volumes of lasting meaning, beauty and importance. They take great pride and pleasure in presenting collectors and enthusiasts with a wide variety of heirloom editions, made to exacting standards and meant to be cherished for generations of readers.

Features of this Easton Press:

  • Fully bound in genuine leather.
  • 22kt gold accents deeply inlaid on the hubbed spine.
  • Printed on acid-neutral paper that lasts for generations.
  • Sewn pages – not just glued like ordinary books.
  • Handsome moiré endpages
  • Satin-ribbon page marker
  • Gilded page ends.

Easton Press Series:

  • 100 Greatest Books Ever Written
  • Great Books of The 20th Century
  • Collector's Library of Famous Editions
  • Masterpieces of Science Fiction
  • American History
  • Signed First Editions of Science Fiction
  • Library of Military History
  • Books That Changed The World
  • Masterpieces of American Literature
  • Signed First Editions
  • Signed Modern Classics
  • Library of Presidents
  • Masterpieces of Fantasy
  • The Harvard Classics
  • Nautical Library
  • Great Lives
View all 100_Greatest_Books 1934_1941 1944_1947 1957 1962 1963 1965 1974 1976 1978 1987 1998 1st_Edition 1st_Printing 2_VOLUMES 3_volume_hardcover A_Bridge_Too_Far A_Narrative A_Portrait_of_the A_Soldier's_Record AMERICAN_HISTORY Anzio Artist as_a_Young_Man At_Dawn_We_Slept AUTOBIOGRAPHY Battle_Cry BEN_FRANKLIN Berlin_Diary Billy_Budd Book_Plate BRAM_STOKER by_Albert_Kesselring by_Aristole by_Benito_Cereno by_Boccaccio by_Burke_Davis by_Charles_Dickens by_Cornelius_Ryan by_Daniel_Defoe by_David_H_Donald by_Erwin_Rommel by_Gaston_Leroux by_George_Elliot by_Gordon_Prange by_Herman_Melville by_James by_James_Bradley by_James_Joyce by_James_M_McPherson by_John_Tolland by_Jonathan_Swift by_Joseph_Conrad by_Martin_Blumenson by_Mary_Shelley by_Max_Hastings by_Richard_M_Ketchum by_S_L_A_Marshall By_Stephen_Ambrose by_Stephen_Crane by_Van_Turgenev by_Walt_Whitman by_William by_William_Shirer Candide_by_Voltaire civil war COA COPYRIGHT_1962 COPYRIGHT_1989 COPYRIGHT_1990 COPYRIGHT_1991 Correspondent Dante_Alighieri Decision_at_Leyte DRACULA easton_press eisenhower End_of_Berlin_Diary EX_Libris EXPEDITION Father_and_Sons Fenimore_Cooper Flags_of_Our_Fathers FOOTE Foreign Frankenstein FRANKLIN FULL_LEATHER GERMANY Gulliver's_Travels HARDCOVER Heart_of_Darkness HITLER homer HORROR import_2020_05_06_151856 import_2020_05_06_171135 import_2020_05_06_173510 JAPAN Journal_of_a JOURNALS kidnapped LEATHER Leather_Bound Leaves_of_Grass Ledyard_Rodger LEWIS_AND_CLARK Library Library_of Lincoln Makepeace Mark_Clark military_history Mill_on_the_Floss mint Moby_Dick Mohicans Naval_Warfare nazi NEAR_MINT NEW of_Freedom of_the_Opera personal_library Phantom Phantom_of_the_Opera Politics_Poetics Pork_Chop_Hill Presidents Red_Badge_of_Courage rl_stevenson Robinson_Crusoe ROMMEL SEALED SHELBY Shelby_Foote's SIGNED Stanley_L_Falk stephen_ambrose TANK Thackery The The_Civil_War The_Decameron the_divine_comedy The_Iliad The_Korean_War The_Last_of_the The_Odyssey The_Rising_Sun The_Rommel_Papers The_short_stories The_Winter_Soldiers Three_Volume_Set To_Appomattox toland Two_Volume_Set Undaunted_Courage Under_Oars Vanity_Fair war_or_independance WARFARE wwii

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