Foods of the World

Foods of the World

A series of 27 cookbooks published by Time-Life Books beginning in 1968 and extending through the late 1970s. The individual volumes were written by well-known experts on the various cuisines from around the world included significant contemporary food writers including but not limited to Craig Claiborne, Pierre Franey, James Beard, Julia Child, and M.F.K. Fisher, and was overseen by food writer Michael Field.  Each volume came in two parts-the main book was a large-format, photograph-heavy hardcover book, while extra recipes were presented in a spiral bound cookbook with cover artwork to complement the main book.

27 Volumes Hardcovers-27 Spiral bound in this series plus supplements.

  1. African Cooking
  2. American Cooking
  3. American Cooking : Creole and Acadian
  4. American Cooking : The Eastern Heartland
  5. American Cooking : The Great West
  6. American Cooking : The Melting Pot
  7. American Cooking : New England
  8. American Cooking : The Northwest
  9. American Cooking : Southern Style
  10. Classic French Cooking
  11. Cooking of the British Isles
  12. Cooking of the Caribbean Islands
  13. Cooking of China
  14. Cooking of Germany
  15. Cooking of India
  16. Cooking of Italy
  17. Cooking of Japan
  18. Cooking of Provincial France
  19. Cooking of Scandinavia
  20. Cooking of Spain and Portugal
  21. Cooking of Vienna's Empire
  22. Latin American Cooking
  23. Middle Eastern Cooking
  24. Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking
  25. Quintet of Cuisines
  26. Russian Cooking
  27. Wines and Spirits

The Supplements included:

  • Menu Guide & Recipe Index (1971)
  • Supplement Number One (1968) – Rice, French bread, shopper's guide
  • Supplement Number Two (1969) – Deep frying
  • Kitchen Guide (1968) - Equipment, protein items, glossary of terms, carving, meal planning


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