Illustrated Library of Cooking

Time-Life Illustrated Library of Cooking (Volumes 1-10)


1) Appetizers, Beef, Breads and Rolls, Breakfast Quick Breads
2) Cakes and Cookies, Casseroles, Cheese Dishes
3) Chicken, Corn and Cornbreads, Deserts Specialties
4) Egg Dishes, Fish, Fruit Sweets
5) Game and Wildfowl, Ground Meats, Ices and Custards ,Lamb
6) Meat Filled Pastries, Noodles and Dumplings, Party Beverages
7) Pies and Pastries, Pork and Ham, Potatoes, Poultry
8) Relishes and Preserves,Rice Dishes, Salads, Seafood
9) Soups and Broth, Stews and Fricassees
10) Variety Meats, Veal Dishes, Vegetables

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