Myth and Mankind

Myth and Mankind

AFRICAN - Voices of the Ancestors

ARCTIC - Spirits of the Snow

AZTEC & MAYA - Gods of Sun & Sacrifice

CELTIC - Heroes of the Dawn

CHINESE - Land of the Dragon

EGYPTIAN - The Way To Eternity

GREEK & ROMAN - Titans & Olympians

GREEK & ROMAN - Triumph of the Hero

INDIAN - The Eternal Cycle

JAPANESE - Realm of the Rising Sun

MEDIEVAL - Legends of Chivalry

MIDDLE EASTERN - Epics of Early Civilization

NATIVE AMERICAN - Mother Earth, Father Sky

OCEANIAN - Journeys Through Dreamtime

SLAVIC - Forests of the Vampire

PERSIAN - Wise Lord of the Sky

TIBETAN & MONGOLIAN - The Diamond Path

SOUTH AMERICAN - Lost Realms of Gold

VIKING & GERMAN - Sagas of the Norsemen

WORLD - The Great Themes

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