Time-Life The Civil War

Time-Life The Civil War

There are 28 volume in this set

Brother Against Brother
The War Begins by William C. Davis

First Blood
Fort Sumter to Bull Run by William C. Davis

The Blockade
Runners and Raiders by William C. Davis

The Road to Shiloh
Early Battles in the West by David Nevin

Forward to Richmond
McClellan's Peninsular Campaign by Ronald H. Bailey

Decoying the Yanks
Jackson's Valley Campaign by Champ Clark

Confederate Ordeal
The Southern Home Front by Steven A. Channing

Lee Takes Command
From Seven Days to Second Bull Run by John L. Papanek

The Coastal War
Chesapeake Bay to Rio Grande by Peter M. Chaitin

Tenting Tonight
The Soldier's Life by James I. Robertson

The Bloodiest Day
The Battle of Antietam by Ronald H. Bailey

War on the Mississippi
Grant's Vicksburg Campaign by Jerry Korn

Rebels Resurgent
Fredericksburg to Chancellorsville by William K. Goolrick

Twenty Million Yankees
The Northern Home Front by Donald Dale Jackson

The Confederate High Tide by Champ Clark

The Struggle for Tennessee
Tupelo to Stones River by James H. Street

The Fight for Chattanooga
Chickamauga to Missionary Ridge by Jerry Korn

Spies, Scouts, and Raiders
Irregular Operations by William C. Davis

Battles for Atlanta
Sherman Moves East by Ronald H. Bailey

The Killing Ground
Wilderness to Cold Harbor by Gregory Jaynes

Sherman's March
Atlanta to the Sea by David Nevin

Death in the Trenches
Grant at Petersburg by William C. Davis

War on the Frontier
The Trans-Mississippi West by Alvin M. Josephy

The Shenandoah in Flames
The Valley Campaign of 1864 by Thomas A. Lewis

Pursuit to Appomattox
The Last Battles by Jerry Korn

The Assassination
Death of the President by Champ Clark

The Nation Reunited
War's Aftermath by Richard W. Murphy

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