World War II

World War II

This epic series is a must have for the serious World War II reader, detailing the major aspects of the worlds most devastating war. 

39 Volumes in this series

1: Prelude to War by Robert T. Elson

2: Blitzkrieg by Robert Wernick

3: Battle of Britain by Leonard Mosley

4: The Rising Sun by Arthur Zich

5: The Battle of the Atlantic by Barrie Pitt

6: Russia Besieged by Nicholas Bethell

7: The War In The Desert by Richard Collier

8: The Home Front: USA by Ronald H. Bailey

9: China-Burma-India by Don Moser

10: Island fighting by Rafael Steinberg

11: The Italian Campaign by Robert Wallace

12: Partisans and Guerillas by Ronald H. Bailey

13: The Second Front by Douglas Botting

14: Liberation by Martin Blumenson

15: Return to the Philippines by Rafael Steinberg

16: The Air War in Europe by Ronald H. Bailey

17: The Resistance by Russell Miller

18: The Battle of the Bulge by William K. Goolrick

19: The Road To Tokyo by Keith Wheeler

20: Red Army Resurgent by John Shaw

21: The Nazis by Robert Edwin Herzstein

22: Across The Rhine by Franklin M Davis

23: War Under The Pacific by Keith Wheeler

24: War In The Outposts by Simon Rigge

25: The Soviet Juggernaut by Earl F. Ziemke

26: Japan At War by Time-Life Books

27: The Mediterranean by A. B. C. Whipple

28: Battles for Scandinavia by John R. Elting

29: The Secret War by Francis Russell

30: Prisoners of War by Ronald H. Bailey

31: The Commandos by Russell Miller

32: Home Front: Germany by Charles Whiting

33: Italy at War by Henry Hitch Adams

34: Bombers Over Japan by Keith Wheeler

35: The Neutrals by Denis J. Fodor

36: Victory In Europe by Gerald Simons

37: The Fall Of Japan by Keith Wheeler

38: The Aftermath: Europe by Douglas Botting

39: The Aftermath: Asia by Time-Life Books



View all 1977 across_the_rhine aftermath_asia aftermath_europe asia_wwi Barrie_Pitt battle_of__atlantic Battle_of_Britain battle_of_the_bulge battles_scandinavia bethell Blitzkrieg Bombers_Over_Japan bombers_ww11 bulge_battle burma_ww11 by_Arthur_Zich by_Douglas_Botting by_Earl_F_Ziemke by_Francis_Russel by_Gerald_Simons by_John_Shaw by_Keith_Wheeler by_Leonard_Mosley by_Martin_Blumenson by_Rafael_Steinberg by_Robert_Wallace by_Robert_Wernick by_Ronald_h_Bailey by_Russell_Miller by_Whipple china_burma_india china_ww11 Collector's_Edition Commandos COPYRIGHT_1977 Denis_Fodor don_moser douglas_botting europe_war fall_of_japan france_wwii Franklin_Davis germany germany_wwii Guerrillas henry_adams Home_Front_Germany import_2020_05_06_151856 import_2020_05_06_171135 import_2020_05_06_173510 in_Europe india_ww11 Island_Fighting italy Italy_at_War italy_ww11 italy_wwii Japan_at_War japan_bombers_4 japan_war japan_wwii JAPANESE_WWII John_R_Elting keith_wheeler Liberation military history missing-image navy nazis Neutrals_ww11 Ogden_Tanner pacific_war PACIFIC_WWII Partisans Prelude_to_War Prisoners_of_War rafeal_steinberg Red_Army_Resurgent Return_Philippines rhine_ww11 robert_collier Robert_Elson rommel Russell_Miller russia_besieged russia_wwii scandinavia_battles sea_wolves silver_spine Silver_Spine_Text simon_rigge Soviet_Juggernaut submarines_pacific The The_Aftermath_Asia The_Aftermath_Europe The_Air_War the_home_front The_Home_Front_U_S_A The_Italian_Campaign The_Mediterranean The_Nazis The_Resistance The_Rising_Sun The_Road_to_Tokyo The_Second_Front The_Secret_War TIME-LIFE Under_the_Pacific Victory_In_Europe War war_in_the_desert war_in_the_outposts war_under_pacific Willaim_Goolrick World_War_II ww11_italy wwi_asia WWII wwii_philippines
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