Book Grading according to Retro-Reading.

Book Grading according to Retro-Reading.

In most cases beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when grading books subjectivity should be left at the door. As with anything collectable a value is attached and predicated based on condition and demand. Objectivity is most important in determining the grade/condition of anything of potential value. Below we have laid out our grading practices in the attempt to put both the appraiser and collector on the same page so to speak regarding condition verses perceived value. 

As new, pristine, unread and in most cases still in original packaging. A mint book is rare and should always be accompanied by its original jacket in the same condition.

Shows just enough wear to not be "Mint". A book in fine condition has been read carefully if at all and is in most cases the binding is tight and unaffected.

Very Good 
Shows slight signs of wear such as bumped corners, small tears to jacket, very light soiling to any part of the book. Binding is no longer tight and is apparent that it has been read. A book in very good condition is still attractive on a shelf. most collectable books are in very good condition.

Shows moderate wear/personalization such as  a book plate/blind stamp, previous owner's hand written name, address or inscription. Bumped corners, slightly cocked spine, torn/chipped or missing jacket dog eared pages. a book in good condition has been used a lot but not used up.

Shows moderate to heavy wear such as worn corners, cocked spine, jacket is present but missing pieces and is torn in several spots, soiled end pages, interior hinges are starting to separate but still intact, foxing and discoloration to pages and cover. a book in fair condition is still a good readable copy and should be valued as that.

Poor (P)
Shows heavy wear such as moisture damage, loose spine, broken hinges (exterior/interior) writing, torn pages, and all the defect from above combined. A book in poor condition is useful as research for books you are looking to collect or possibly a book you are writing as the cost of acquiring is usually relatively low.

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